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What is Raw Indian Hair?

Raw hair is the purest form of human hair that you can find. Raw hair is 100% human and 100% unprocessed. Each bundle is collected from one single donor. Real, unprocessed human hair varies within the bundles. No two separate bundles will ever look the same, they will however be similar in appearance, giving the completed look a more natural finish. Our raw hair has cuticles which are still intact and aligned. Raw Indian hair comes in 3 different textures: Straight, Wavy, and Curly.

Why is Indian hair so special?

Indian hair is highly regarded in the hair industry because of its flexibility, durability, and texture. Indian hair is naturally thick and lustrous, so it gives the best possible styling and installation Options for extensions. The hair is also naturally dark, so it works great with most braiding and weaving applications for women of color, and works for Everyone. Remy Indian hair goes hand in hand with long lasting quality, so you can be rest assured if the hair is guaranteed to be Remy Indian hair. All of our hair is guaranteed.

Where Indian hair does came from?

The sources of Indian hair are the temples in India. In India, it is a very common tradition for people to sacrifice their hair in certain specific temples in return for the prayers that have been answered by the respective deities. The Devotee goes to the temple and gets the hair shaved from the temple. The temple authorities collect all such shaved hair from the devotees and periodically auction the hair to the various bidders. The proceeds from the temple auctions are gradually pumped back into the community by the temple authorities in various charitable forms.

Can I color this hair?

Absolutely! Because it is 100% unprocessed human hair – it can be colored and/or bleached to any level desired. However, when coloring your hair, we recommend that you consult with a professional hair colorist.

How long does it last?

100% Pure Virgin Indian Remy hair can last for a very long time, depending on how. you maintain it. Treat it like your own hair and take good care of it for it to last even longer. Many hair extortionists prefer Indian hair because it is just so beautiful, and since ours is unprocessed, it can last longer than any other kind of hair. I